Who Are We?

D.N.A is a non-profit organization that concerns the development of people with forced migration backgrounds on the professional, educational and cultural levels. Creating spaces to exchange cultures, experiences and knowledge between the spectrums of societies with an attempt to combine work and personal creations, enhancing the personal values of a person and transform them to effective energies.

Our Mission:

The empowerment of people with forced migration backgrounds culturally, socially and educationally through the implementation of numerous development projects and programs that are based on the principle of development as a sustainable fixed goal, using all types of art as a relief and an encouraging method, and to create an opportunity for people to be whatever they want to be in a sportive space.

We intend to work with other startups and organizations to achieve a diverse world without restrictions. 

Our Vision:

A world where everyone has a place to be what she/he/they wants.